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Office Cleanings

No matter what type of office you have, you will need an office cleaning service to keep it looking its best at all times. At Partners N Grime in Raleigh and surrounding areas, we can make this happen. 

• Standard Services—Our standard office cleaning services including emptying trash cans, sweeping, mopping floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, and vacuuming. 

• Special Services—We have special office cleaning services, like grout cleaning, tile detailing, interior window cleaning, interior AC cleaning, AC filter changes, light bulb changing, trash pickup, water damage extraction and cleanup, microwave cleaning, break room cleaning, filling coffee pots, and day porter services.

Dental Office Cleaning

We work with many dental offices in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. We offer some of the most thorough dental office cleaning options in the area, and we do so at rates you will not find anywhere else. We are a dependable company that works hard to keep all of our clients happy. 

Our dental office cleaning team at Partners N Grime is made up of some of the most experienced cleaners in the Raleigh/RTP area. They are all carefully selected and vetted, to ensure that your office and your property are always safe.

Medical Cleaning

When it comes to medical office cleaning services, we at Partners N Grime in Raleigh/RTP area, NC are known for our quality work. We can take care of many different aspects of cleaning a medical office. 

• Safe Disposal—We know how to safely dispose of medical waste items like syringes and needles. Our medical office cleaning team is one of the most experienced in this area, and we can ensure that everyone follows the right protocols at all times. 

• Disinfectants—We use the strongest disinfectants when it comes to medical office cleaning.

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